What We Do – Jurisev Legal Services

Tailored solutions for SMEs.

JURISEV offers SMEs targeted solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of SMEs including all the benefits of an in-house legal department.

Working with an agile and diverse team, JURISEV collaborates with you to define the work agreement and fee structure that is most convenient to your needs and budget. We are comprehensive in our management of legal and corporate affairs, governance and compliance, as well as in our communications and public relations.

Our HR division addresses such issues as confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, compliance verification, including complaints for unlawful dismissal or layoff, conflict management, termination of employment, breach of employment contract, and policy development such as hiring processes and dismissal procedures.

For individual clients, JURISEV offers legal expertise in trust and estate as well as in labour and employment matters.

As a partner, adviser, and strategist, JURISEV targets your specific needs by calling on its expertise to offer you objective, tailored solutions that are both just and profitable.

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